TRANCE FX IS A COMERCIAL FREE INTERNET RADIO STATION BROADCASTING NOTHING BUT THE VERY BEST TRANCE MUSIC WORLDWIDE from our studio based in the east of England UK, from the early classics right up to the freshest beats released today.

Our aim is to bring you quality music 24 hours a day with regular podcasts plus weekly shows as well as special party events can also be found on TRANCE FX RADIO.

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Trance is a form of electronic dance music (edm) which originated in the 1990s. Stylistically, its tempo can range from 117bpm up to 160bpm. It also often features repetitive melodic phrases and a musical form that progresses with a crescendoing nature. Musical tension is created in trance as a track will build up and down and often features some form of a mid-song breakdown. It is known for providing its a listeners with a huge sense of euphoria.